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Rainforest Cuba Medium Cage


Size 66 x 61cm x 165cm High with Underneath Storage Cupboard
A Great Opening Top African Grey Cage STONE ONLY


The Rainforest Cuba Parrot Cage is a medium sized cage and features 3 feeder bowls. The cage features a free standing stand that can either fit onto the top of the cage or be placed on a table.

With 2 perches, wire grill and pull out tray and featuring a drop down platform above the main door plus a cabinet below the cage for storage. Suitable for African Greys, Amazons and Conures
Size 66 x 61cm x 165cm High     86 x 81cm inc seed catcher    Bar Spacing Approx 1.5cm Internal height 114cm
Bar strength 3mm

Colours may vary between models


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