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Liberta Cambridge 2nd Edition Play Top Cage


Suitable for African Greys, Amazons and Medium Parrots.

Best Value Medium Bird Cage with play top



This cage comes complete with 5 stainless steel feeding bowls and 3 perches. It has parrot safe door openings and swing out feeders. The cage is made from wrought iron so is very durable and is oven baked powder coated in non toxic paint. It also has a slide out tray for easy cleaning and is mounted on castors for easy moving. (Seed catcher is removable)

Size without seed catcher 

Width 82cm x Depth 56cm x Height 177cm

Size with seed catcher 

Width 102cm x Depth 76cm 

Inside Height 147cm

Bar Spacing 2cm Bar Strength 3mm


Colour tones may vary between models


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