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Rainforest Belize Large Parrot Cage


Huge 175cm Great Value Bird Cage ANTIQUE ONLY

Houses Macaws, Cockatoos, Amazons etc


A large affordable play top cage suitable for Macaws, Cockatoos etc.

The play top area gives your bird space to play out of the cage without taking up more space in the room.

With a large opening front door making it more comfortable for your bird entering the cage, not to mention for you cleaning it.

Pull out grill and tray, 2 feeder bowls accessible through feeder doors, 2 top feeder bowls, 2 perches and seed catchers

Size without seed catchers Width 91 x Depth 66 x Height 175cm

Size with seed catchers Width 121cm x Depth 96cm    Internal Height 120cm

Bar spacing 2cm Bar strength 3.5mm

Colour tones may vary between models

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